Open Systems Theory

Welcome to the OST website where we introduce the powerful social science body of knowledge known as Open Systems Theory (OST).  OST is a set of knowledge and tools that organisations can use to change how they work.  OST is used to improve employee engagement and business outcomes.  It is backed by 50 years of research and real-world application. 

OST is built on these pillars

This is site has been created by a collective of agile and Organisational Change practitioners who have grown tired of frameworks and top-down work structures.  We believe that OST can change the experience of working in an organisation.  It acknowledges the need for a hierarchy of function whilst creating organisational designs where people who do the work are supported and empowered to manage and deliver.  Action research shows significant improvements in business outcomes.

Explore our website to learn more about how OST can help you and your organisation navigate the challenges of our rapidly changing world.  If you would like to know more contact us here.

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