OST Related Talks

Hear Trond Hjorteland talk OST with one of the authors of the agile manifesto, Brian Marick (10th April 2023)


Dave Witney talking at Agile Australia on the 6 Criteria for Effective Groups (15th August 2023)


Trond talking at NewCrafts Conference in 2023 on “Thriving in Complexity” (25th May 2023)


Trond interviewed for InfoQ website (11th November 2021)


Presentations from LAST Conference on 1st December 2023 (videos will be uploaded when available):

  1. Ross MacIntyre on “OST Six Criteria for Productive Groups”
  2. Alex Stokes on “OST Techniques Showcase”
  3. Martin Chesbrough on “Searching for the Real Scaled Agile – try OST”



Other Videos

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