Open Systems Theory

This site is a work in progress. And it is very early in our progress.

This site aims to be the best place to introduce people to the world of Open Systems Theory. The theory and tools pioneered by Dr Fred Emery and Dr Merrelyn Emery.

A group of interested people gathered in Canberra, Australia for Dr Merrelyn’s last training course over 2 weeks during March 2023 and have committed to continuing their work.

Dr Merrelyn Emery and her final OST cohort

Part of our a commitment is to spread understanding of OST, it’s concepts and theories, practices and tools. We wish to help those who feel fundamentally aligned with the second design principle of self-managing groups but who have never had the language and tools to make it a reality.

The other major part of our commitment is to continue to apply OST to organisations who aspire a to more humane world where people working together deliver superior outcomes. This means spreading OST to organisations through the running of Search Conferences and Participative Design Workshops.